The picture above symbolizes the Bible being the lens by which we view all of life. All of us view life through a particular lens, whether it is through the lens which we inherited from our parents, our cultural backgrounds, our previous experiences, our prejudices, our education, or whatever other lens we consciously or subconsciously see through (not to mention the lens by which we often use to interpret Scripture). My conviction is that there is no other foundational source of truth than Scripture, and that despite its misuse and misinterpretation throughout the centuries, God has preserved his word through these ancient writings–these writings are in fact the word of God. So to interpret life as the way God sees it is good and pleasing to me. This is one reason why I study the Bible: to understand God’s perspective and view life as he would.

Having said that, the purpose of my website is to illustrate how we can love God with our minds. It is often easy to relegate our faith to mere sentimentality or affection; in fact, I do not discount affection for God as unimportant and consider it to be extremely significant for true faith (just think of a married couple who have no affection for one another). But loving God also means expanding our knowledge and understanding of him and his created order (think again of a married couple who are fascinated with each other and want to know each other more, even after years of marriage). It means expressing the curiosity of a little infant who has just entered this seemingly vast and endless world, wanting to touch, see, hear, taste, feel, know, and experience the world around her, including her own progenitors who were responsible for this grand experience called life. Love often correlates with curiosity, and curiosity with love. And curiosity is ultimately satisfied within our mental faculties, which overflows to every aspect of ourselves, which does include our affections. To love God is not just with our minds, but it is no less than with our minds.

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