20210707_172824 David I. Yoon, PhD | @drdaveyoon

Dave is a Los Angeles native, where he received a BA in psychology and two masters degrees in theology. He moved to Canada in 2011 and received a PhD in New Testament, specializing in Pauline studies and linguistics. He is an educator, author, editor, consultant, and pastoral leader. Dave has served in pastoral ministry for over twenty years and in academic teaching for about eight years. For more on Dave’s academic activity, including some of his academic publications, see his Academia profile. 

This website started off as a blog in 2012, and in 2021, Dave began a podcast called Discourse. His purpose with Discourse is to teach on the Bible and biblical topics, discuss relevant issues with invited guests, and engage with culture and current events through a biblical worldview. His passion is to help people think critically, especially regarding the Bible and culture. 

Dave also blogs at domainthirtythree.com with Dr. Stanley E. Porter on scholarly issues in biblical studies and related topics. 

  • All views on Dave’s podcast and blog are his own and are not necessarily reflective or representative of any of the institutions he is connected with.

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