“Abba” Means “Daddy” in Aramaic: Preaching Point or Possible Projection?

I’ve often heard from well-meaning preachers that the Aramaic word “abba” is equivalent to the English word “daddy,” because it conveys an intimate, child-like relationship when used. So when Jesus prays to the Father, “Abba, Father, all things are possible for you” (Mark 14:36), it is assumed that the Son is using intimate language withContinue reading ““Abba” Means “Daddy” in Aramaic: Preaching Point or Possible Projection?”


Trials as Tests: Why God Allows Suffering Sometimes

Job is one of the most intriguing books in the Bible. Think about it: Job was this super-righteous man whom God was able to brag to Satan about. Do you think your life is such that God would brag to Satan about how righteous you are? Those are some tough shoes to wear. But then, all of aContinue reading “Trials as Tests: Why God Allows Suffering Sometimes”

Spiritual Warfare and 2 Cor 10:4-6: Weapons of Destruction

Recently I was asked a question regarding spiritual warfare, specifically about something someone said and what the Bible says about it (can I be any more vague?). Specifically, this person was told to pray over various rooms in the house to be protected from demons and Satan, and they (nowadays “they” is used as an ambiguousContinue reading “Spiritual Warfare and 2 Cor 10:4-6: Weapons of Destruction”

Mosaic Authorship of Deuteronomy 34: Plausible or Preposterous?

Did Moses write the last chapter of Deuteronomy? In the vein of redaction criticism, it is commonly claimed that Mosaic authorship of Deuteronomy 34 is impossible or implausible, because it records Moses’ death. The difficulty, most claim, is that someone (i.e., Moses) would record the details of his death before he actually died. It’s crypticContinue reading “Mosaic Authorship of Deuteronomy 34: Plausible or Preposterous?”

The Meaning of “God’s Temple” in 1 Cor 3:16-17

This passage has been used in various ways to promote things like good health and sexual purity, and to teach against things like suicide and smoking. It says: “Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’sContinue reading “The Meaning of “God’s Temple” in 1 Cor 3:16-17″