Reading as a Primary Weapon for Spiritual Warfare

Last time, I wrote briefly on what spiritual warfare really entails: our minds. To clarify, I’m referring to our minds as the instrument we use to think, discern, evaluate, ponder, contemplate, believe, and even know. It is the vehicle which we contains our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. It is not diametrically opposed to the heart,Continue reading “Reading as a Primary Weapon for Spiritual Warfare”

Spiritual Warfare and 2 Cor 10:4-6: Weapons of Destruction

Recently I was asked a question regarding spiritual warfare, specifically about something someone said and what the Bible says about it (can I be any more vague?). Specifically, this person was told to pray over various rooms in the house to be protected from demons and Satan, and they (nowadays “they” is used as an ambiguousContinue reading “Spiritual Warfare and 2 Cor 10:4-6: Weapons of Destruction”