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Well, I caved in and joined the blogosphere. I’ve hesitated for so long, because I wanted to focus on academic writing and had the thought: there are thousands of good (and bad) blogs out there, why add to the barrage of blogs that no one is going to read anyways? Plus, I didn’t want to be like those blog-nerds who sit behind their computer and complain about anything and everything they read about in other people’s blogs (if you’re offended by this, you’re probably one of them).

But in spite of my reservations, I’ve decided to partake in the online discussion, mostly for my own benefit. I’m on a nearly 5-month “summer break” after completing my first year of PhD studies (in quotes because though I’m technically on break, I have a bunch of projects I want/have to work on), and during this time, I want to continue to reflect, not only on what I’m studying in an abstract manner, but also on my own spiritual life and its pragmatic implications. Basically, I’ll write about whatever the heck I’m thinking about pertaining to theology, biblical studies, academics, spiritual life, and any insights I’ve gained throughout the whole process, and hopefully whoever reads or stumbles upon this will benefit as well. So with a little trepidation of letting the world (or the three people that will stumble upon this) know the inner workings of Dave Yoon, here it goes. It might not be too pretty.


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Slave of Jesus Christ.

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